NEW UPDATE for Chapter 154 (Part 2) !!

As stated in the previous translation update, I had only translated half of Chapter 154 (Part 2) and I said I would definitely finish the update by Sunday. Well guess what, it’s Friday night and I finished it early!!

So come back here and scroll down to where you last left off (should be where it says “THERE’S MORE!! I PROMISE!!” to continue reading the rest of the translation update!!

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p.s. I will start translating Chapter 155 (Part 1) very soon. Please patiently anticipate.

Queen of No. 11 Agent Translations Interest/Survey

Hi readers,

I don’t know exactly how many people are reading my translations, since not everyone comments (but that’s okay because I don’t expect that so no worries!!) but I am wondering what part of this novel series do you guys care most about? This is just a random, fun survey so I can understand my reading audience better.

I did state in the beginning that I will be translating the entire rest of the novel, so that includes not only Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue parts but also other characters (I really like Xiao Ce!!). Thus if you are only wanting to read Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue parts, then you can check out Sue Lee’s website. But of course it would be nice if you still read my translations too haha but it is your own free choice 🙂

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I am almost done translating the latter half of Chapter 154 (Part 2), so please anticipate!! 😀

Queen of No. 11 Agent: Chapter 154 (Part 2) — English Translation

Chapter 154: Suddenly Two Sets (Part 2)

Hello readers! New update! Please always read the NOTES for each update. They will definitely help with your understanding, as they are specific for each update.

If you didn’t read the post “not an update, BUT STILL IMPORTANT“, I would kindly ask that you do so because it really is important. Thanks!!

[September 19, 2017] So I didn’t really want to make you guys wait soooooo long, so I decided to post up what I’ve already translated of this chapter (it’s actually almost 2am here already and I actually have a midterm tomorrow but look at my dedication haha). I’m actually almost done translating this chapter, except I have midterms this week and next week BUT DON’T WORRY because I will have this fully completed by Sunday. I haven’t really proofread this but please enjoy anyways~

[September 22, 2017] If you read this post prior to September 22, 2017, then please scroll back to where you left off to continue reading. If you are accessing this post after September 22, 2017, then simply just read the entire update. Thanks for reading and please enjoy!!  Continue reading Queen of No. 11 Agent: Chapter 154 (Part 2) — English Translation

not an update, BUT STILL IMPORTANT


Hello to my wonderful readers,

As many of you may have known, a user called NovelPlanet on WattPad previously copied and pasted all of my translations of Queen of No. 11 Agent (Princess Agents) and Drunken Exquisiteness (Lost Love in Times) to her own WattPad.

I did not know this was happening until Sue Lee ( notified me of this, because turns out that NovelPlanet was also copy and pasting Sue Lee’s stuff and another translator’s stuff onto her WattPad too.

I contacted NovelPlanet and asked her to take down my translations since I clearly stated on the homepage of this blog that I do not allow any form of duplication of my translations aside from direct linking. Luckily, NovelPlanet took down the translations she took from me and everything has been solved (so please don’t go on her WattPad and blame her or scold her; she apologized and did the right thing so everything is okay now).

I want to make it clear once again that I do not tolerate ANY form of duplication of my translations!! Direct linking is perfectly fine, sharing via social-networking sites to other platforms is okay too. But please don’t directly copy and paste my translations to your own websites!! If my works are copied onto other sites, readers on those other sites don’t realize that I’m the one who is making all this effort and time to translate these works.

Translating takes a lot of work and effort. I am not translating this book for profit either. I am solely doing translations so that fans around the world can continue enjoying something they really love.

I don’t just translate the book either; I try to relate any possible details back to the drama to make things easier for all of you which takes time because I don’t watch Chinese dramas with engsubs. I am not superhuman so I can’t remember every single thing that happens in the drama. So often times I will end up rewatching certain parts to clarify the differences. Other times I will find myself translating something a certain way but then I go back to the English-subbed episodes and realize it’s different and so I change things to match what most of you know. Simply said, I put in a lot of effort!! So please, please, please don’t steal any of my translations.

That being said, I will not be giving up on this translation. I might be a little slow (I apologize in advance; I am a pre-medical student if anyone is curious LOL) but I will be continuing. I am already in the process of translating the next update.

Thank you all for the support. And thanks @sueleesunshine for notifying me of my work being stolen in the first place.

Thanks again for all of your support. I truly appreciate it.


p.s. If in the future any of you find my translations being posted elsewhere, please notify me!! Thanks so much!!