Queen of No. 11 Agent: Chapter 155 (Part 1) — English Translation

Chapter 155: Final Farewell with the Ruler (Part 1)

Hello readers! New update! Please always read the NOTES for each update. They will definitely help with your understanding, as they are specific for each update.

If you didn’t read the post “not an update, BUT STILL IMPORTANT“, I would kindly ask that you do so because it really is important. Thanks!!

Again, thank you all for waiting patiently for this update. I really appreciate it!! ❤

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Hi readers!!

University has absolutely wrecked me so hard these past few weeks, preventing me from updating in almost a month so I deeply apologize. HOWEVER, I am aiming to put up the translation for Chapter 155 (Part 1) hopefully by the end of this week!! Thank you all for being so patient and I apologize again for the very long wait.

Thank you all for voting on the poll. I know I haven’t been replying to everyone’s comments but I do read them (and I love all your comments whether they are about my translations or giving me support for my studies) and I am really thankful for all of you!! ❤ (plus it’s November, aka month of Thanksgiving so I really want to put my thanks out there for all of you!!) ❤

I will definitely translate everything from Frozen Lake Scene and onwards (so basically Frozen Lake Scene till the very last chapter, and if people want, I will translate the epilogue chapters too). As of now, I don’t have plans to translate anything prior to the Frozen Lake Scene (and it does seem that the first thirty-seven chapters have been translated here). If there are select scenes that you guys want translated from chapters prior to Frozen Lake Scene, I will consider doing so only after I have finished translating everything after the Frozen Lake Scene.

Last of all, I did start translating Drunken Exquisiteness, but I have decided to no longer continue translating this novel. Main reasons are that, 1) I simply have too much on my plate and 2) I didn’t enjoy the drama at all, so I am too lazy to translate the novel.

You might argue that the book and the drama are very different, which is true. But I usually watch the drama adaptations first and then read the novel so that the novel is easier to follow/understand (because English is technically still my mother language and Chinese is my second language, Chinese novels are much easier for me to read and understand if I have seen the drama adaptation first). I have almost always watched the drama versions first and then read the novels for a lot of books (My Sunshine/Silent Separation, Ode to Joy, Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan, etc). I also like to make comparisons for the drama and novel versions (just like I am currently doing with Princess Agents). But since I really didn’t enjoy Lost Love in Times (I actually stopped watching it 😞), I can’t seem to make myself read the novel. I am sorry if this news disappoints you, but for now I only want to focus on translating Queen of No. 11 Agent instead since most readers on here are fans of Princess Agents. So…if there are any other translators that want to translate Drunken Exquisiteness instead, let me know, because please feel free to do so. I hope you can understand.

Chapter 155 (Part 1) should be posted in about three to four days time. See you all then.