Anticipated Dramas of 2018

Hello all! Happy New Year! Happy 2018!

Here is a list of dramas I am planning on watching or at least checking out in 2018!! A large portion of these dramas are adapted from Chinese novels, so if any of them pique your interest and you want a link, you can search it up or leave a comment and I will look for a translation for you (if there are any).

These are all dramas that should be airing on a TV station. I didn’t include web-dramas because I don’t really watch them (since most web-dramas feature newbie actors that I’ve never heard of). Exceptions fro web-dramas occur when a favorite actor of mine is in it.

Only Side by Side With You《南方有乔木》[TRAILER]

Why I’m going to watch it/check it out:

  1. Bai Baihe and William Chan are the leads, and I’m a really big fan of both (wow, rare!)
  2. I also like the second female lead actress, Qin Hailu (a veteran actress and a great one too), and I’ve heard good things about the second male lead actor, Li Xian.
  3. Female character works in the tech field and is serious/smart/cold(??) not your typical cutesy/adorable female lead
  4. trailer looks pretty good
  5. Original novel has decent reviews so story should be good (hopefully)

It’s based on the novel of the same name. At the moment, the novel has not yet been translated. However, if I end up liking the drama after I have seen it (I will be watching it as it airs some time next year) and the novel still hasn’t been translated after it airs, I do plan on picking it up to translate (of course, I will still be translating Queen of No. 11 Agent!).

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace《后宫如懿传》[TRAILER]

Why I’m going to watch it/check it out:

  1. It is the “sequel” to Legend of Zhen Huan (Empresses in the Palace), which is my all-time favorite drama. I call it “sequel” because LOZH is set during Emperor Yongzheng’s reign and Ruyi’s Royal Love is set in his son’s reign.
  2. Wallace Huo and Zhou Xun are the leads and I like both (wow, rare again!)
  3. harem/scheming —- I dig this a lot when it’s done right like LOZH (which I seriously hope it is)

Based on the book series of the same name by Liu Lianzi (who also wrote the book series for Legend of Zhen Huan). 《后宫如懿传》translates directly to “Legend of Ru Yi” but I have no clue where they came up with this English title tbh.

The Story of Ming Lan《知否? 知否? 应是绿肥红瘦》[TRAILER]

Why I’m going to watch it/check it out:

  1. It’s being produced by Daylight Entertainment and I have faith in them to make this adaptation good
  2. Zhao Liying
  3. Zhao Liying
  4. Zhao Liying
  5. The book is reallyyyy long but the average of the ratings of all five(??) volumes of the book have a rating of 8.5 on Douban, which is REALLY high for Douban.
  6. Main character is a lesser daughter of a concubine in a big family, so will probably have a lot of drama and scheming, which I like if done right (which I’m hoping Daylight will do and not fail me LOL)

Based on the book series of the same name by Guan Xin Ze Luan. Title translates directly into “Do You Know? It Ought to be a Wilting Flower Amongst the Lush Leaves” but I do think “The Story of Ming Lan” is loads more easier to remember haha.

Legend of Fu Yao《扶摇》

Why I’m going to watch it/check it out:

  1. Yang Mi
  2. Yang Mi
  3. Yang Mi
  4. it’s historical and xianxia

The original novel seems to have mixed reviews, or at least I didn’t see that many positive comments about it when I was looking it up on Baidu and Douban. I’m praying this turns out as good as Yang Mi’s 2017 drama, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. If it turns out to be not so great, I’ll probably just be watching all of Yang Mi’s parts only.

The Rise of Pheonixes《凰权奕天下》[TRAILER]

Why I’m going to watch it/check it out:

  1. haven’t seen Chen Kun or Ni Ni in anything, but I hear good things about them
  2. supporting cast looks great too
  3. the color scheme is dark, seems like it’ll be a good and heavy historical drama (kind of sick of these brightly colored idol-like historical dramas)
  4. the director for this drama was also the director of The First Half of My Life (which was my favorite 2017 drama) so I’m hoping this is gonna be good directing haha
  5. book seems to have decent reviews

The original novel has time-traveling, so I’m certain they’ve changed it somehow.

My Story For You《为了你,我愿意热爱整个世界》[TRAILER] lOVlEf

Why I’m going to watch it/check it out:

  1. Trailer and the story sounds really optimistic, like those fight-for-your-dreams-in-a-big-bad-business-world stories
  2. kind of relatable because main male character’s work problems and dreams in the internet/computer business sound like those of my father back then LOL
  3. Team behind Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, My Sunshine, and Love O2O is producing this, and I loved the former two dramas so I’ll give this production a shot

Based on the novel of the same name by Tang Jia San Shao. Apparently the story is the author’s own love story?? Sounds interesting.

See You Again《时间都知道》[TRAILER]

Why I’m going to watch it/check it out:

  1. I like Tiffany Tang, Shawn Dou, Yang Shuo
  2. that’s it

I’ve never heard of the novel it’s based on, and it’s got some weird time-traveling ten years back or something after a car crash or plane crash. Also not a fan of love triangles. BUT when you like the lead actress and actors…….what can you do.


Why I’m going to watch this/check it out:

  1. The premise of the story sounds really funny/interesting
  2. after loving The First Half of My Life, I find myself wanting to watch romances where the couples are older and not the typical youth/early-mid twenties couples
  3. There’s a kid involved, so the child actor will probably be adorable and cute and win our hearts (or at least I hope so)
  4. Ariel Lin Yichen is a cutie

Mr. Right《恋爱先生》[TRAILER 1] [TRAILER 2]

Why I’m going to watch it/check it out

  1. Jin Dong — I love this man I’ve seen almost every drama he’s been in since The Disguiser
  2. sounds like this is going to be a funny rom-com. I don’t like rom-coms that much but if done right, I could reallyyyy like it
  3. trailer looks like it’s fun
  4. been kinda into older romances after watching The First Half of My Life lol

Cry Me a Sad River《悲伤逆流成河》

Why I’m going to watch it/check it out:

  1. Ma Tianyu and Zheng Shuang are the leads, and I kind of like both…..unfortunately neither are really great actors (in my opinion, don’t hate me) LOL
  2. that’s it

It’s based on the novel of the same name by Guo Jingming. Apparently the novel is very sad, but I heard they’re changing things. Personally not a fan of Guo Jingming novels tbh but I’m curious as to how they changed it.

Siege in Fog《人生若如初相见》[TRAILER]

Why I’m going to watch it/check it out:

  1. set during the Republican era which is one my favorite historical backdrops
  2. judging from the trailer, acting looks pretty good, despite the cast being really young

Based on the novel of the same name by Fei Wo Si Cun. Judging from the trailer, I honestly don’t think I will like any of the characters (they all seem mean, selfish, angry lmao), and all of FWSC novels have sad endings (which I don’t mind, but her novels in general aren’t that great). Story line doesn’t seem like my cup of tea either. But if acting is good, I’ll probs give it a shot because I’m a sucker for Republican era stuff. But I’m wondering if this drama will ever air…..especially with the lawsuit and legal issues. Oh well, guess we’ll just wait and see.


Here are some other dramas that I plan on watching JUST for the the actors and may only end up watching the parts with that actress/actor in it.

  1. Our Glamorous Times《你和我的倾城时光》
    1. Zhao Liying — love her
    2. skimmed the novel and it looks decently interesting, might just end up reading it in detail instead. novel is written by Ding Mo, who also wrote When a Snail Falls in Love, Love Me if You Dare, Memory Lost, etc. except Our Glamorous Times is business-related and not crime/thriller
    3. I don’t like the male lead — that’s my biggest issue with the drama
  2. Negotiator《谈判管》
    1. Yang Mi — love her
    2. everyone else — could care less, especially male lead lol
    3. spin-off of Les Interpretes?? sounds like it might be a disaster (even though I did finish Les Interpretes haha)
  3. Sweet Dreams 《一千零一夜晚》
    1. Deng Lun and Dilraba (I have a decent liking for both leads)
    2. um that’s it the premise isn’t exactly captivating
  4. Tears in Heaven 《海上繁花》
    1. Shawn Dou and Li Qin (a Princess Agents reunion???) plus I like both of their acting skills
    2. um it’s adapted from a Fei Wo Si Cun novel and the trailer looks very mehhhh…..yikes LOL but ahhhh I like the leads ugh
  5. Records of the Southern Mist House《南烟斋笔录》
    1. Liu Yifei’s comeback drama after eleven(??) years!! so gotta check it out
    2. Republican era 😀
    3. based on manhua of the same name, manhua has a beautiful art style that I like, but I heard the story for the manhua is just meh/okay.

Last but not least, these are probably going to air in 2019 but I thought I’d mention them anyways LOL:

  1. Ode to Joy 3 《欢乐颂3》
    1. love my girls
    2. I’m pretty sure this will be in 2019
    3. hasn’t even started filming
    4. actually I’ve heard no news about it so far
  2. Novoland: Eagle Flag《九州缥缈录》
    1. Liu Haoran — love this cutie
    2. I hope the plot is not as slow and more cohesive than Tribes and Empires
    3. probably 2019 as well


At the moment this is just a tentative list. The dramas more towards the top of the list are the ones I’m really looking forward to watching. I do however, tend to watch whatever is popular in mainland China, so I may end up watching and liking dramas that aren’t even on this list. I find that often times, a drama that is popular in China may not be popular internationally and vice versa. But dramas that are popular in China tend to fit my tastes more often than not.

Let me know in the comments which Chinese dramas on this list (or not on this list!) that you plan on watching or checking out!!

4 thoughts on “Anticipated Dramas of 2018”

  1. Same reason I’m watching Our Glamorous Times, I’m not too sure if I like the male lead but I’ll watch anything with Zhao LiYing. I can’t wait for Legend of Fu Yao and Ming Lang!


  2. I will watch (if any ang sub) Glamourous Times as I pretty much like the novel Don’t turn form Summer which is connected with it. Anyway what I do not like that Summer is practically in Hiatus now. And it has happened twice already. One of the translators stopped and now the new one is doing one chapter in several months. It is why I try now not to read not completed translations. That mostly it is not ended. I understand that no one owns you but anyway…


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