My Personal Readings

To be updated as I complete more dramas and read the novels for the dramas I finish. I usually only read the original novel after I have finished the drama adaptation. It is much easier for me to understand what I am reading that way.


  1. Queen of No. 11 Agent《11处特工皇妃》
    1. drama adaptation: Princess Agents
    2. obviously I’m reading this since I’m currently translating it haha
  2.  The First Half of My Life《我的前半生》
    1. drama adaptation: The First Half of My Life
    2. I will never get over this drama

ON-HOLD (because I’m currently too busy to do anything bud study):

  1. Ode to Joy Season 2 《欢乐颂2》
    1. drama adaptation: Ode to Joy 2
  2. Shan Shan Comes to Eat 《杉杉来吃》
    1. drama adaptation: Boss and Me
  3. Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 《三生三世十里桃花》
    1. drama adaptation: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love)
    2. movie adaptation: Once Upon a Time


  1. Silent Separation 《何以笙箫默》
    1. drama adaptation: My Sunshine
    2. movie adaptation: You are My Sunshine
  2. Legend of Zhen Huan I-VI《后宫甄嬛传I-VI》
    1. drama adaptation for entire book series: Legend of Zhen Huan (Empresses in the Palace)
  3. Ode to Joy Season 1 《欢乐颂1》
    1. drama adaptation: Ode to Joy
  4. Just One Smile is Very Alluring 《微微一笑很倾城》
    1. drama adaptation: Love O2O
    2. movie adaptation: Just One Smile is Very Alluring


  1. Only Side by Side With You《南方有乔木》
    1. Bai Baihe and William Chan are the leads (I love both of them)
    2. if the drama turns out to be really good when it airs, I will translate this novel next!!
  2. Our Glamorous Times 《你和我的倾城时光》
    1. drama adaptation: Our Glamorous Times (Zhao Liying’s upcoming modern Chinese drama!!)
    2. I skimmed through this novel after finding out that Zhao Liying was going to be the female lead and the novel is pretty decent. I’m going to read it thoroughly after I have checked out the drama though.
  3. Do You Know? It Ought To Be a Wilting Flower Amongst The Lush Leaves 《知否?知否?应是红肥绿瘦》
    1. drama adaptation: The Story of Ming Lan
    2. this book is so freaking long so I’m debating whether I want to read this or not
    3. this is Zhao Liying’s upcoming historical drama!! And it’s being produced by Daylight Entertainment (production team behind Nirvana in Fire, Ode to Joy, The Disguiser, etc.), so it’s highly likely this drama will be high-quality.

hmmm I might be missing some others but I guess that’s it for now!!

Most of these novels have translations to them. If you want me to link something for you or if you’re curious about how the drama adaptations for some of these novels are, shoot me an ask at my Curious Cat and I’ll reply soon!!