Queen of No. 11 Agent (Portuguese)

A kind reader and translator, Patricia, has offered to translate my English translations of Queen of No.11 Agent into Portuguese (with my permission). If you are more comfortable reading Portuguese, feel free to check these translations out (and share with others)!!

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 152: So Close to the Underworld (第152章:咫尺黄泉)
  2. Chapter 153: Sounding of Firecrackers (第153章:爆竹声声)
  3. Chapter 154: Suddenly Two Sets (第154章:一忽两载)
  4. Chapter 155: Final Farewell with the Ruler (第155章:与君诀别)
  5. Chapter 156: Long Live Freedom  (第156章:自由万岁)
  6. Chapter 157: A Boundless Sad Melody (第157章:苍茫悲歌)
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